Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Lots Product Stalking: 3333 Mission Street

Hi chickadees!

I was very jealous of all of you who live near a Big Lots when I first learned that they would begin to carry Sephora by OPI polishes for $2. Therefore, when I was recently in San Francisco, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the nearest Big Lots and check out the selection. I'm not sure if the dismal array of polishes was a reflection of this Big Lots or if all the better colors had simply been sold but I thought I'd share with you my findings in this take on a Drugstore Product Stalking post. If you'd like to see the polishes I purchased, I will also be doing a short haul post in the future.

This Neon Lights set was the only Sephora by OPI set I found in the nail polish section. I was considering picking it up since it's only $6 but they aren't really my kind of colors and some of the polishes in the set had separated and appeared rather old. 
This was the main assortment of Sephora by OPI polishes. Don't get too excited. They're mostly the same shades of drab gray and green.
This Big Lots also had some elf nail polish sets. I'm not sure if the discount is worth the trip to your local Big Lots but at least these sets helped to fill out what was otherwise a pretty dismal nail polish and makeup section.

And since this post seemed to be a bit depressing, I thought I'd leave you with photos of some of the rather nice mugs I found in another aisle. All the mugs were priced around $3-$4. I'm not sure if they were worth the bus trip either but if you've been looking for some new mugs or pillows, it might be worthwhile to check out your local Big Lots. 

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