Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drugstore Product Stalking: Duane Reade 46 3rd Ave

Hi baby bears,

What? Yes, I left my apartment. Don't look so shocked. I popped into Duane Reade while running errands and I have a mix of old and new products (and prices) to share with you.
First let's start with L'Oreal's new gel polish line. I forget to check on the price of the primer/glaze set but the polishes are $8.49 each, a little less than they cost at Target in San Francisco where they were $8.79 each.

This Duane Reade also has what I think are all the new L'Oreal lip products from the Extraordinaire Liquid Lipcolor ($10.49)... the L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stains ($10.99)

There was also a very well stocked Jordana display. I don't use Jordana products so I'm not sure which of these products are new. These Twist and Shine lip crayons were $3.49 each.
Color Tint Blush Stick $2.99
Squeeze n' Shine Lip Gloss $2.19

These Revlon eyeshadow singles were $3.49 each. I first spotted them for $2.49 each at Harmon's in October.
I know the Revlon Lacquer Balms and Matte Balms aren't that new anymore, but I thought I'd include them as this Duane Reade has a very well stocked display of both lines, as well as the Kissable Balm Stains. They are all priced at $9.49 each which is more than they cost at Harmon's in October ($6.99) and Target in San Francisco ($7.99).

Maybelline Master Glaze Blushes $9.49
Maybelline Master Hi Light $10.49
Maybelline Color Elixir $9.49 
The display was well stocked but these were cheaper at Harmon's ($6.79) and Target ($8.59).

They oddly had the Covergirl Hunger Games Catching Fire nail polish collection which I spotted at Harmon's in October. While it takes a little longer for products to get to the drugstore, this collection has to be more than a few months old and it should have been phased out by now. If you do want to pick up one of these teeny tiny limited edition polishes they are $3.99 each.

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