Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hi sunshine,
Get it? Ray of sunshine? Anyone? Anyone? I'll just show myself out.

Oh, wait! No, I won't. Because this is my blog. Mwahahaha. I'm drunk with power. And puns.

OK, enough silliness. Zoya Ray was released as a part of the Fall 2012 Diva Collection. It was a lot less fabulous than I personally though anything called the "Diva Collection" should be. The only other polish I picked up from that collection was Feifei and that was mainly because of peer pressure. So what did I think of Ray?

Color: Zoya Ray is a dark green shimmer polish. You'd think that with all the green polishes I own, I'd be better at describing green polishes but I'm not. Sorry about that. I'm planning to do a dark green polish comparison one of these days but for the moment, I'll say that Zoya Ray seems darker that a more vibrant, saturated dark green like Sinful Colors Last Chance or a hunter green like Zoya Hunter but lighter than a blackened green like Zoya Envy. I think the shimmer is fairly understated but not hidden. Unlike other shimmers that just look like cremes except for the peaks of the curves where the polish catches the light, there is something about this polish that makes it look like a shimmer even though the actual shimmer is not pronounced. Also, as I'll discuss in the "wear" section, this polish dulls quite quickly which makes the shimmer look more understated.
Formula: Zoya Ray has a thicker formula.
Application: The first coat went on very smoothly without any drag. However, it did look a little streaky and uneven. And unusually for a creme or shimmer polish, going over the polish moved the original layer of polish around quite a bit. The second coat applied smoothly as well but I began to notice that the polish was a little thick. At two coats, the polish wasn't opaque so I added a third coat. At three coats this polish was opaque but I began to run into application issues. The polish still went on smoothly without drag but the formula was thick and threading a bit as I pulled the brush out of the bottle. Also, when I examined the polish to check for full opacity I could see a little bit of balding because of the unevenness of the application.
Wear: I wore this polish for six days. I had an event to attend so I touched up this polish and rewrapped the tips and applied an additional layer of Seche Vite before I went on my trip to California. I don't think this polish wears very well. In the first two or three days that I had it on I was already experiencing tip wear. After I rewrapped the tips of my nails and added another layer of top coat, I experienced tip wear again within a day or two and my nails also began to grow dull and exhibit scuff marks.

CONCLUSION: If you really love the color of this polish and you can take advantage of a good Zoya promotion, go for it. But I can't recommend this polish enthusiastically. The application was manageable but not great and I don't think this polish holds up very well. I'm not someone whose polish really chips so if I'm complaining about tip wear and dulling and scuff marks, there's a problem.


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