Monday, November 12, 2012

Anna Sui SAMPLE SALE REPORT November 2012

Hello my darlings!

Just back from the Anna Sui Sample Sale being held at 250 W. 39th St. (b/n 7th and 8th Avenue) from today through Saturday. Now, this is important. The hours are...


They're pretty strict about being at the cash register at closing time because they will be closing their doors.

I managed to go during the 11:30-1:30 bracket though I think I was only there for the last 30 minutes. Ugh, subway. Anyway...

The sale is a lot like last year. Pricing is pretty much the same. $25 skirts, $10 or $5 T-shirts, $100 dresses with a few big ticket items. I saw a very pretty sort of antique-looking lace dress for $209. As for those $5 shirts, I can't describe the difference but they're not made of regular T-shirt fabric. They're very soft. If you can, I would grab lots of those. Though, I found most of the T-shirts I looked at were size small.

Coat Check: The coat check seems more like an optional thing. I checked my backpack but he let me keep my baguette purse.

Sizing: I'd suggest that you try everything on. I saw tags going up to size 10 but a lot of these feel like real samples or are unmarked so I'd rather be safe than sorry. Of course, that means you're going to have to brave the chaotic dressing room. I feel like there was a lot more space last year. This time, girls are jockeying for space in a tiny room off to the side with two mirrors. Far from ideal. I think this is my biggest negative from the sale. It's very difficult to try on everything you want to, get a good look in the mirror, and examine your items before purchasing them so that you can run to the cash register and pay before the clock runs out. And yeah, people are rude and hog the mirror.

Staff: The staff is very friendly though a bit frustrated and harried. I couldn't get a straight answer on whether they'd be restocking but I assume they'll have to if they're going to continue the sale for the rest of the week. You can pay in cash or credit but if you're paying with cash, go all the way to the woman at the right because apparently she's the only one who is allowed to handle cash.

Be prepared for lots of Asian girls. 

You'll have to dig through cardboard boxes for T-shirts.

Hair accessories

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