Saturday, November 17, 2012

REVIEW of Lush Party Popper

Hi chickadees!

I think I've finally found a Lush bath bomb that I really love. The website describes Party Popper as follows...
Our bright pink and blue bathing scent-sation is bound to be a hit this season. It fizzes around the tub, snapping due to the popping candy and releasing a 'dry champagne' perfume of bergamot, tangerine and rose oil. Then, out pops our special 'confetti' that is made of dehydrated honeydew melon soap flakes. Melt those into your skin to wash yourself and smell simply divine!

Scent: I'm terrible at describing scents but I found this bath bomb smelled warm and spicy with a slight touch of citrus. From that description, it almost sounds like what is classified as an "oriental perfume" but it's not that deep or sexy. It's much more subtle and pleasant. Perhaps that is due to the rose oil. The scent is part of what I love about this bath bomb. It smells gorgeous just sitting in your house. I can smell it as it dissolves, in the water after it has dissolved, on my skin and hair in the bath, and in my hair afterwards. Lack of scent is not going to be a complaint with this bath bomb.
Experience: This is not one of those bath bombs that puts on a big show. Both the pink and blue components are fast dissolving, fizzy formulas. They don't leave behind much in the way of bubbles or foam. I did like the popping candy which continues to pop after the main bath bomb has dissolved. The "confetti" consists of one pink piece and one blue piece. I hadn't looked at the website before using the bath bomb so I had no idea what these were. I just let them dissolve into the water. They're not really shaped like anything (kind of like a square that's folded over into a rectangle). They had a squishy, jelly feel. I'm not sure if I would melt them into my skin because they might stain.
Color: The bath bomb dyes the water in the tub pink and blue as it dissolves. However, pink quickly overpowers blue and the tub ends up pink. It kind of reminds me of the conflict between Flora and Merryweather in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Anyway, the water definitely turns pink, not purple. So I guess Flora wins. The bath bomb did stain a ring around my tub which hasn't happened with other bath bombs. Also, it stained part of my skin which I guess was in direct contact with the bath bomb as it dissolved. However, that easily washed off.

CONCLUSION: My one negative about this bath bomb is that it stained my tub and my skin but since those are minor gripes, I would definitely recommend this bath bomb and I'm probably going to repurchase it.

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