Sunday, November 11, 2012

X Factor Live Show #6

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I know some of you may be wondering where my weekly recap/review of The X Factor UK Live Show is for Live Show #6. Well, unfortunately the official X Factor UK youtube channel didn't upload the performances for this week and they seem to have blocked all of the good quality uploads on youtube. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week but I can't say I'm sad about the person/group who left the competition. I managed to find a few decent audio versions so here are my quick thoughts.

Final breakdown (in my opinion)
1. James Arthur
2. Jahmene Douglas
3. Union J
4. Ella Henderson
5. District3
6. Rylan Clark
7. Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney- Average, same as always
Jahmene Douglas- Gorgeous cover. I loved hearing the warmth in his voice. He can do amazing things with riffs but I love when he just sings things straight. He has the voice for it. Some nice power. Just listening to his voice, I will say that he hasn't quite reached the point where I can hear the emotion yet. It's a small nitpick but I don't feel like the emotion is tied to the particular words. It's more like a general emotion that is present throughout the song.
District3- I think they benefited from getting back to their strengths, but I think their "lead" singer is so much stronger than the other two. The other two do kind of irritating things with their voices and they don't always land the notes the way they should.
Ella Henderson- Immediately, I like that she took it down into her range instead of straining because she has some lovely warmth to her voice, but I think that she could have played with the melody or arrangement a little more to give the song more momentum and excitement. There were definitely rough spots as always, but she has a very good voice. I think the thing that works with Ella is that more often or not you remember the good things and not the moments when her voice breaks or she fails to land notes. But I don't know how much longer that will carry her. If she doesn't resolve those issues, it could very well cost her the competition.
Rylan Clark- It was cute. Not his best vocal performance, but I feel like he's reached a good place where he's kind of average. I wish I could have watched a high quality video version. I think it would have the same fun factor as the Spice Girls at the Olympics.
Union J- They have the range for this song. So, immediately they're over the first hurdle. Yes, I'm looking at you, Matthew Morrison. Their lead singer is incredible. I don't think they are the best group ever but just judging them on his singing, I think they deserve to be in the top 3, if not to win the competition.
James Arthur- Undeniably good. He's ready for it. 

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