Friday, November 9, 2012

REVIEW of Lush So White Bath Bomb

Hello chickadees,

Well, this was a massive disappointment. I wanted this bath bomb last year when I first started to get into Lush products but I missed my chance. Wasting no time, I grabbed this as soon as it appeared at my local Lush store.

SCENT: It smelled divine. Yummy and fresh and sweet. Like crisp apples and clean soap with a dash of feminine richness. This is one of those bath bombs that smells strong in its bath bomb form but fails in the water. I could kind of smell it as it dissolved but once every piece of bath bomb had dissolved into the water, I couldn't smell a thing. I couldn't smell it in the water and I couldn't smell it on my skin or in my hair either in the bath or once I was out of it.
EXPERIENCE: I'm not one of those girls who needs a massive show when it comes to bath bombs. But since So White was a letdown on scent, it had a chance to make things up on experience. But it dissolved just as you would expect it to. The white outer shell is fast-dissolving and creates more of a foam. The pink inner crystals are slow-dissolving and fizz in little bubbles. As they dissolve, they leave white and pink foam/bubbles but once the solid bath bomb has dissolved, the bubbles quickly disappear. There is not enough pigment to tint the water and as far as I can tell there is no glitter. On a positive note, I did think it gave the water a kind of silky/slippery feel which may or may not be moisturizing.

CONCLUSION: I wish they could use this scent in a perfume or a home spray. As it is, the strength of the scent and experience leave a lot to be desired. I really love the scent so much that I might give it another chance but right now, I'm counting this one as a dud. I would skip it.

Inside (Bath Bomb cut in half)

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