Thursday, November 22, 2012

REVIEW of Confetti Longwearing Nail Color in 93 Debutante

Happy Thanksgiving chickadees!

I have a headache. And a ton of work I need to catch up on. But I wanted to share my latest experience with Confetti nail polish with you. This time it's 093 Debutante. Now, if you've read my review of Confetti polish in Rhapsody in Blue, you'll know that I was very impressed with Confetti polish... so much so that I haven't painted my nails with that polish again because I can't find another bottle in stores. But I don't have that same problem with Debutante. I usually see at least a few bottles at CVS. Enough chatter. Let's get into the review, shall we?

Color: Debutante is a light gold nail polish. I'd say it's somewhere between a shimmer and a frost. It can go from a lighter yellow gold to a darker more true gold in dimmer lighting. When I think of debutantes, I think of that fateful episode of Gossip Girl. I'm not quite sure Debutante is as posh as all that but it's a nice gold polish. I think it would look gorgeous on medium and dark skintones. Lighter skintones, especially ones with yellow undertones like me, may run into some problems.
Formula: I think the formula was a bit on the thin side. It looked opaque in 3 coats but it didn't hold up to the light test where you hold you nails up to the light and see if light passes through. However, I personally didn't feel like adding layers of polish to see how many I would need to get it truly opaque. After wearing it for a few days, the opacity or lack thereof didn't bother me.
Application: Appliation was very smooth. I thought the polish was very easy to work with though once it has tried, you can see some overlapping brushstrokes if you look at it closely.

CONCLUSION: I don't think this polish would meet the exacting standards of Blair Waldorf, but I thought it was a perfectly fine gold polish from the drugstore. If the color is right for your skintone, I would recommend checking it out.

SWATCHES (Excuse the second finger from the left. I removed a thread of lint when the polish was semi-dry and didn't bother to fix it because I did my feather nails design on top of it.)

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