Wednesday, November 14, 2012

REVIEW of Orly Rage with SWATCHES

Hello, my dears!

This polish is nothing new and I'm sure you've already heard people raving about it so I won't spend any more time blathering on. Let's just get into the review, shall we?

Color: Orly Rage is a very interesting polish because although it isn't a duochrome, it does look very different in different lighting. I would call it a copper and silver glitter polish. But sometimes it can look like a champagne gold, and other times it will be rose gold, and other times it will look more like a gritty mix of copper and silver and maybe a little pink. The finish can also look very smooth, where it's just a shiny surface, or you can see the individual pieces of glitter. This made it difficult for me to love the polish unconditionally because sometimes it would clash with my skintone and sometimes it wouldn't, and sometimes I would hate the finish and sometimes I would love it.
Formula: I was actually pleasantly surprised by the formula. You would expect a glitter/foil polish to be thicker and difficult to work with but the formula was actually a nice consistency. It feels a little thicker than you're average creme polish but that doesn't affect ease of application.
Application: Application was very smooth. You have to even out your brushstrokes a bit but there were no real issues. I think my biggest problem was that it looked opaque in 2 coats but in 3 coats, my nails still didn't really stand up to the light test. This isn't a major problem and I'm sure you won't even notice it as you go through your day but I like to judge all polishes on the same criteria and I'd have to count this as a mark against Orly Rage.

CONCLUSION: I don't love the way this polish looks on my nails all of the time but I like it enough of the time for me to recommend it. The polish applies very smoothly and while it's not perfectly opaque, you probably won't notice because it is a glitter/foil polish.


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