Thursday, November 29, 2012

Botkier Sample Sale Report November 2012

Hi chickadees!

Super short report this time. I swung by the Botkier Sample Sale at 525 Broadway (5th Floor) on my way home. The sale will continue tomorrow from 10am-8pm according to the flyer. As far as I know that's the last day. I think this sale was being held in their actual showroom. There was no coat check or bag check though they did allow you to hang up your coat if you'd like to. The room was full of bags though I only noticed a few styles, or variations on the same style in different colors.

There were large purses, medium-sized purses, cross body bags, and a decent amount of print/embellishment. Botkier is not really my style so I'm not very familiar with the brand. I'd have more information but they didn't want me to take pictures of the prices and I felt awkward about taking pictures after that. Also, I was only there for a very short amount of time. Everything felt very casual. There were maybe less than 10 people in the showroom and though I didn't see anything I liked, people were definitely making purchases.


  1. Hi cat, any info about the samples that were on sale?

    1. I didn't pay very close attention but I think they were mostly cross-body bags with a sort of gum-wrapper jagged design on the flap. There were also some medium sized bags. A lot of variety in colors. The bags were mainly $75-$125 if I'm remembering right.