Friday, November 30, 2012

Charm and Chain Sample Sale November 2012

Hi chickadees!

I stopped into the Charm and Chain around 1pm. The sale is at 611 Broadway from 11am-7pm today and 11am-6pm tomorrow. I didn't have a floor number so I headed up to their office at room 701. DON'T DO THIS. The sale is being held in room 401 on the 4th Floor. It's to the left of the elevators.
I'm keeping it to pictures this post because the showroom was pretty empty and there's not much to comment on in the way of sizes or whatnot like with a clothing sale. I saw a bit of Alexis Bittar, Dannijo, Kenneth J Lane, House of Harlow, as well as a ton of brands I'm not familiar with.

Moonlight Necklace Silver $165 $132

Coachella Necklace $85 $68
Lulu Frost $500 $200

Dannijo $320 $208
Dannijo $130 $91

Alexis Bittar bracelet $191

Alexis Bittar $195 $137


  1. Awesome post, great pics!

    Do you know if that gold necklace with the tree enclosed pendant is still available, and how much? Its gorgeous (2nd pic from the bottom)

    1. Thanks so much. :)

      It was there when I left and there weren't a lot of customers so as far as I know, it's still there. It's Alexis Bittar and currently available in stores and online for $395. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great in the showroom and I can't read the price from picture I took. The prices did go into the $200-$300 range so I can't guarantee it was a significant discount.

  2. hi was the necklace with the jaguar in the tree still available when you left? I think i am in you know how much it is?

    1. Hi,
      Again, I was there pretty early but it was there when I left and there was only one other shopper so it's very possible it's still there. The necklace is Alexis Bittar. I took a picture of the tag but it's so bright I can't read the price. Sorry!