Sunday, November 18, 2012

X Factor Live Show #7 Results

Grrr... I'm so angry.

I don't cover the X Factor Results Show because it's not really that interesting for me to comment on and I want to avoid spoilers but I need to comment this week. I just. I just can't. What is happening over in the UK right now?

The bottom 2 made no sense to me. Go on and watch these performances from last night (which they finally kindly uploaded tonight) and tell me these two deserved to be in the bottom 2.

While I think the right person went home of the two, it really wasn't the right time for either of them to be in the bottom 2. Not when Rylan and Christopher are still in the competition.

Spoilers ahead!

I hope we see more of Ella in the future and she does get the recording contract everyone's predicting for her. I think she makes interesting choices and even though she overreaches sometimes, at least she takes chances. If she puts in the work, she could be one of those people who gets the recording contract, works with a lot of professionals and voice coaches under studio supervision and then comes back amazing. For me, the epitome of this is someone like Carrie Underwood.

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