Saturday, February 18, 2012

REVIEW of Sinful Colors Nail Polish in 948 Last Chance SWATCHES

Hello darlings!

I have a treat for you today. A gorgeous dark green creme nail polish for $1.99. How? Why? Because I took a break from Essie and O.P.I. and on a whim, I purchased this from Duane Reade and I'm so happy I did. It's my belief that if you're unsure about a product, especially a particularly color or fashionable trend, you should go for a low-end, cheaper version first before springing for a more expensive version you might end up hating. Well, I now know I like dark green cremes but I might just stick to this Sinful Colors version. It applied much better than I was expecting after that whole Wet n' Wild Spoiled nail polish fiasco. It was a touch watery. It was very pigmented, don't get me wrong. Opaque in 2 coats. I only used three because I'm a perfectionist and needed to fix the edges before taking pictures. It looks gorgeous. It evens out perfectly silky and smooth and has the kind of depth of color that makes you want to dive into it. I wish it could have been a teensy bit less watery but that's a minor complaint for something that's 1/4 the price of an Essie or O.P.I. polish. I know my worry with dark colors is that you don't see the actual color but instead end up with black nails. Well, while this polish appears very dark in dim lighting, I think it stays a lovely dark, dark green through most of the day and even at night, I can still kind of tell that it's dark green and not black. However, I'm not going to lie. For you to tell it's dark green at night requires the light to hit your nails at the right angle.

CONCLUSION: I would definitely recommend getting this polish if you're a fan of this color. It applied really smoothly and looks great. Also, a color like this pretty much looks the same regardless of what company it comes from, so I say just save your money and go for the Sinful Colors version.

UPDATE!!! I just switched nail polish colors for the week. I feel like I should warn you that this polish will stain your fingers and your nails as you try and remove it. It's like the nail polish remover reactivates the pigment so it works like a stain or watercolor and it is very difficult to remove. Dark polishes are generally a pain but I have only ever had this staining problem with one other polish, my YSL one, so I don't think this is the norm for dark polishes. Maybe it's something to do with the formula.


This is probably the most color accurate picture. It can go a bit darker than this in dimmer light.

I just wanted you to see how green it is. Sorry there is some lint on my nails. I didn't notice that when I was taking the picture earlier.

Just so you can see how I'm wearing this color. I put a little bit of Essie's "As Gold As It Gets" over the top half of my thumbnail. I tried to fade it up so the glitter is most concentrated at the tip of the nail. I think it looks really pretty but it's a little too distracting to do on every nail.

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