Saturday, October 13, 2012

BIG Bath and Body Works Haul

Hi chickadees!

I thought about calling this a "MASSIVE Bath and Body Works Haul" but really, that would be a bit excessive. This is a combined haul from August and yesterday so I have a mix of summer and winter items. I haven't really tried out anything except for my Sweet Pea PocketBac so I'll keep this post to mostly pictures and save my thoughts for upcoming reviews.

Let's start with what I picked up yesterday.
There was a display right at the front of the store that I gravitated towards immediately. Maybe because it kind of matches my nails. Essie's Lacy Not Racy (review coming soon). Anyway, once I spritzed it on a piece of paper, I knew I had to have it. It smells like POMEGRANATE. I'm not sure if I want to wear it as a fragrance but I'm sure I can find some use for it, even just as a kind of aromatherapy.

2 for $20 (ongoing through this weekend)
I feel like my Bath and Body Works didn't have all of the Christmas/Fall scents I've been reading about on Musings of a Muse. I was disappointed with the ones I found as they were aggressively spice and pine heavy. Marshmallow Fireside was the complete opposite. It smells creamy. I could launch into other descriptions but none would be as apt. 

This was another nice subtle scent. I used to hate lavender but I'm growing into liking it now. I think this is light enough even for people who aren't into aggressive lavender. 

5 for $5
This smells really fruity and rich. It's the kind of scent I would never wear as a fragrance but for some reason I like it as a Pocketbac.

Mild peppermint.

Slightly fruity, much more subtle than Pink Diamond.

I really like this scent. I can't place it at the moment but it reminds me of a particular perfume.

3 for $12
Always on the lookout for a good hand cream. The three minis I got were 3 for $12 (which is less than one L'Occitane hand cream and each one is about the same size as one L'Occitane hand cream) so I decided to give them a try.

I can't remember the price. I think it was expensive. But I've heard so many good things and I'm always on the lookout for good lip products for my dry lips.

OK, now let's move into the items I got in August...
5 for $5
When I first got this, I thought why the heck did I buy so many hand sanitizers? I don't even use hand sanitizer. But I've been reaching for this a lot lately. I'm not sure if it does much sanitizing as it seems to be mostly alcohol but it is great for all those times that you don't have a sink nearby to wash your hands. Sometimes I don't know how I got along without it. The scent stays on your hands a bit but it's nothing too obtrusive and people around you should only smell it when you've just used it. 

So pretty. This is another scent that reminds me of a perfume.

Such a perfect apple scent.

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