Sunday, October 14, 2012

REVIEW of Zoya Willow With SWATCHES

Hi chickadees!

It's time for more coral/orange.

Oh, Zoya Willow, why couldn't you let me love you? I was so prepared to adore this polish. Part of the reason I really wanted to place my last big Zoya order during their last promotion was so I could buy this polish. And I actually am pretty partial to the color. But the formula. Gargh.

Color: Zoya Willow is a beautiful peachy, light orange creme polish with a tiny hint of shimmer. It's less that the polish contains shimmer and more that it is slightly frosty. Though that's not really all that noticeable. It just creates a very subtle brightening effect. You're not even going to see it in the swatches below. I will say that it did make my hands look a bit red at times.
Formula: The formula itself was not too bad. I couldn't complain about it being too thick and gloopy or too thin and watery. What annoyed me to no end was that I needed 4 coats to get it opaque. 4 coats! I got a ton of orange polishes so I wouldn't have to deal with the problems of L'Oreal's Versailles Romance.
Application: Speaking of that polish, application with Zoya Willow was similarly awful. Not as awful, but pretty darn bad. The brush was one of those awful ones that actually causes streaks to form. It was incredibly difficult to get even coats that weren't too thin or thick (thus 4 coats to opacity). You can't really tell from the swatches, but you can see the rough overlap of uneven brush strokes at the base of the nail and along the sides. I couldn't even really enjoy having the pretty peach color on my nails.

CONCLUSION: For me, application ruined my love of the color. I do love this kind of peachy color so much that if I can't find a better one, I might repurchase Zoya Willow but I really can't recommend it because of the poor application.


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