Friday, October 12, 2012

REVIEW of Zoya Breezi With SWATCHES

Hi chickadees!

I know. I know. Another blue polish. I can't help it. I like what I like. Though, in my defense, this is not the color I was expecting when I bought it. From the swatches I had seen, I got the impression this was a very bright color. Instead, I'd say that it's more of a saturated, muted peacock blue that can go a bit more teal in different lighting. I had this on my nails for a while so I can talk a bit about wear. I was a bit annoyed by how easily it picked up smudges but it wasn't too terrible. I also got the tiniest bit of tip wear. I never get chipping unless I've slammed my nail in a door and part of the nail has broken off as well, so for me, tip wear is my idea of damage. Still, it was very minimal. I've certainly had polishes where the tip wear was worse.

Color: As I said, I would describe this polish as a saturated, muted peacock blue color. When I use modifiers like saturated and muted, I'm trying to stop you from thinking it's a bright color (like I did when I bought it). It's very blue but it's not very bright. I only needed 2 coats to get it opaque but the second coat was a bit thick (more on that in the application section). It can go quite a bit darker but it wouldn't photograph for me like that. Imagine the swatches at a distance a shade or two darker.
Application: It wasn't perfectly smooth to paint with thin coats, but using slightly thicker coats it flowed beautifully over the nail. So once I figured that out, I was happy with the formula and application. The polish itself wasn't too thin or too thick. A very nice consistency.

SWATCHES (The index finger is left over from my splatter nail experiment)

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