Saturday, October 20, 2012

Drugstore Product Stalking: Walgreens 20 Astor Place PART ONE

Hi chickadees!

I do not know what it is up with this Walgreen's location. Not only are they the store in my area most likely to have the big displays but they seem to be constantly getting new ones to the point that they have the push the old ones out. I stopped by because I really wanted those two L'Oreal polishes from the Diamond Collection but they said they were out and were not getting any more. I think it's pretty ridiculous to have a display with so many empty spots but whatever. Maybe they're lying and if I check back next week they might have another one.

I could not find the Disney Villainesses makeup palettes from ELF (though Musings of a Muse didn't give them the best review so I'm not heartbroken) but I did manage to find this Impress fake nails display.

None of the designs really strike me as all that special or even inspired by the Disney villainesses. 

This one looks more like speckles and scales than Dalmatian spots for Cruella.

This duochrome maybe has a Maleficent vibe if I'm being generous.

I couldn't tell if it was due to the packaging, but I feel like this isn't a flat red, like there's an vague ombre effect. 

The eyes are actually really pretty in person. I'm not sure I love the placement. Still, this would be my pick.

I just feel like so many fake nail looks could be recreated with a stamping plate.

This was a letdown. Only one color struck me as vaguely Snow White/Take a Bite and that was the red polish that I saw in a different display a while back which makes me think it's a re-promotion.

839 Sugar Sugar

Then hidden behind those displays were more Sinful Colors displays.

I have reviewed Last Chance on this blog but if you want swatches and reviews of this collection check out Pretty Girl Science.

This post is getting pretty long and I'm worried about all the pictures downloading so I will continue it in Part 2.

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