Saturday, October 20, 2012

The X Factor UK Live Show #3

Hi chickadees!

Let's launch right in, shall we? I have no idea if anyone's reading this but if you are, hello!

I had no expectations for Club Classics week other than hoping that Rylan would do well. Still, there could be a surprise hit. I vaguely remember Rebecca Ferguson unexpectedly doing well on an uptempo dance number. The one thing that really began to irritate me was not seeing the opening package for each of the acts where they give background on their experiences during the week. It made all the comments from the judges and Dermot seem nonsensical.

Final Breakdown (in my opinion)
1. Lucy Spraggan
2. Union J
3. James Arthur
4. Ella Henderson
5. Kye Sones
6. Jade Ellis
7. Jahmene Douglas
8. District3
9. Rylan Clark
10. Christopher Maloney
11. MK1

I will be going through the acts in the order of their performances...

Christopher Maloney: Very cheesy. The dancers did not help. But for all that, the vocals were good. If you like Christopher's style, you will like this performance. I did feel like that on some notes he didn't push as much as he's capable of. I think he kind of won me over just because it was so happy and cheesy. He wasn't denying his style or trying to be something he's not. I think Tulisa's points were very valid though.

MK1: I feel like Charlie started out singing in a strange way that didn't take advantage of her breath at all. She really could have used some breath support. But her tone was interesting. It was very mature. The staging with the lights and dancers was chaotic in a bad way. The "la da dee la da da" was just annoying. The way they kept looking over at each other made it feel like they were unsure of themselves. I just don't feel like they seemed like capable performers. I wasn't comfortable because I felt like they weren't as confident as they could have been.

Jahmene Douglas: Jahmene needs to work on not looking angry when he does some of his riffs. I feel like his voice fades a bit sometimes because of the riffs. It was good but it was just a bit safe. For club classics it lacked energy. And it's getting to the point that he needs to start bringing it as a performer as well as a singer.
(Read up on him to see what they were referencing since we don't get UK gossip too much here in the US. So heartbreaking.)

Jade Ellis: She doesn't push enough. When she comes out looking gorgeous and strutting you expect to be wowed by the vocals but they don't have the same impact and the outfit and styling and staging and sets. Maybe a bit more dancing? People who are not the strongest singers can bring it in the performance aspect but she just sort of walked around, hit a mark, and kept posing. I thought it was good and she continues to get better but it's still not amazing. I don't know what Gary was talking about since I can't see the intro package, but I agreed with Nicole and Louis. She's not selling it yet. Nicole gives great advice sometimes. I feel like she gives the most genuine singing advice.

James Arthur: Like last week with Ella singing "Loving You" when I saw this in my subscription feed I thought it was a joke. It was laid back and sexy for Club Classics week but it worked. It was classic blues and rock, effortless, and just the kind of impact James needed to make to keep things from getting stale. He sounded amazing. We got to hear the smooth, rich tone of his voice not marred by pain. Loved it. :)

Union J: So good. How often do you have band with so many capable singers? They feel like professionals now. After last week, it seems like they've completely come into their own. And you've got to love Louis' staging. It's like every week is their big winner's performance with the shower of sparks and all. :) I agreed with Gary and Nicole about the harmonies but that was so minor.

Rylan Clark: There were the same issues with diction and that weird roughness in his voice but I really believe that he is improving. His vocals are getting stronger with every week. I do think the setup could have had less smoke and a more interesting color palette to make things more interesting. Visually it was kind of a blur until the switch to the third song. You know what, it's Club Classics and Rylan actually works the stage and dances. He gets credit for that. Gary is so full of it.

Lucy Spraggan: I think she did a big mashup with Titanium during bootcamp. Regardless, I really enjoyed this performance. With Lucy, you know what you're going to get in terms of vocals. She has the same vocal ticks in each performance. But she still manages to change up songs and keep it interesting. I do think the breathy parts could sometimes be a little bit strong but that is such a minor point.

Kye Sones: His staging felt like Lady Gaga or Spiderman Turn Off the Dark. I think the vocals sounded great though and a significant improvement from last week. It was a little slow and sad for Club Classics though. He kind of needs to work on those long, extended notes a little more but other than that, brilliant vocals. Very professional.

District3: You should know I love the Four Seasons and Madcon versions of Beggin so I went into this with an idea of how this song should sound. They weren't bad but it felt too kiddie to me. And as much as I love musicals, this felt too clean and staged. The mashup didn't make sense. I do like that they were one of the acts who really went for the Club Classics theme and for the most part the vocals were good.

Ella Henderson: When I think of Candi Staton I think of "He Called Me Baby" sampled by One Eskimo for Kandi. Bones viewers will know what I'm talking about. I prefer the Florence + the Machine version of "You've Got the Love". I think Ella looked great in that dress. The choreography was very cute. I love the way she blends being a throwback with falling into the current retro style. She's a live performer. There are little issues. There were definitely less this week because she didn't really have to negotiate the break between her lower and higher register that much with this song. Loving Nicole. "Maybe that's just because some people can't dance" indeed. 

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