Sunday, October 14, 2012

REVIEW of Essie's Mochacino With SWATCHES

Hi chickadees!

I painted this on my nails a few weeks back, (I think it may have been the beginning of September) but it always takes me a while to do my review posts. Well, no, I shouldn't say that. Sometimes I write them the next day. What am I going on about? Anyway...there's your dash of insanity for the day. Onto the review!

Color: This is difficult because when I first painted Mochacino on my nails it was an unexpected love and then after a few days I got bored with it and tried a splatter manicure. I'm flighty that way sometimes so it's not really a reflection on the polish. I also am not that fond of brown/beige polish. Mochacino is a dusty light brown polish with a ton of golden shimmer. When I was in love with it, I thought it was the prettiest kind of latte color (I'm assuming, as I don't drink coffee) and I adored the way the shimmer gave it so much depth. After being disappointed in some Essie shimmer polishes in the past, this one definitely did shimmer the right way. But then as I continued to wear it, I wasn't a fan of how it sometimes made my hands look a bit red. And it was either getting dull or I was starting to see the color as dull. I couldn't tell. Also, there was a decent amount of tip wear. No chipping (I never get chipping) but a noticeable wearing away at the very tip of the nail.
Formula: I used 4 coats to get it opaque. You could definitely get away with 3 but I'm the kind of person but cannot stand holding my nails up to the light and being able to see through them. And to do a fair comparison, I think all polishes should be judged on the same (possibly demented) criteria. There was nothing about the smoothness or thickness of the polish to really comment about.
Application: Application was reasonably smooth. Mochacino does not have one of those perfect Essie formulas but application was pretty good. No major complaints.

CONCLUSION: In the first day or two I had applied it, I would have told you I was ready to run out and buy another bottle. I still won't rule out repurchasing when I run out but I'm not all that crazy about it. I'm glad I found a color like this that I like but I'm annoyed at 4 coats (which should really only be for sheer polishes or light colors) and it does seem to get dull (at least in my eyes) after a few days of wearing it.

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