Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi chickadees!

So the good news is I have a ton of lip products to test and tell you about including some fun vampy dark colors for fall/winter. The bad news is that I tried a bunch of things over the last week and a day or two ago I had an allergic reaction. I've used Maybelline lipsticks before and had no negative reaction. And I used the L'Oreal Caresse sticks before when I first started testing them and didn't have a negative reaction. My guess is that it might be the Revlon lipsticks or one of the glosses and balms I tried. So right now I'm sticking to products I know I can trust when I'm out for the day (just to cover up the flakiness of my lips and also because they are a bit pale and lacking in pigment to the point that I look odd with no lip product) and sticking to Vaseline and the Vaseline lip therapy I'm trying out when I'm at home. Hopefully the reaction should fade in a week.

Just wanted to let you know what's going on with me. I'm still able to post about sales and randomness and do nail polish reviews and swatches (though I'm trying to keep polish on for at least a few days and to remember to use all my hand creams to try and help with the dryness around my nails from all the polish changing).

Stay lovely,

UPDATE to this update: Not only do I have an allergic reaction but unrelated, I now officially have a cold so I will probably be taking a break for at least a few days. 

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