Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drugstore Product Stalking: Duane Reade 769 Broadway

Hello lovelies!

Second post in this new series. See my first post on CVS for more information. Basically, I'll be providing you with lots of pictures, and occasional comments so you'll know where to find the beauty products you want without having to search every drugstore in NYC. I have a lot to share in this post, so let's get started!

I understand that lots of people (who are not me) love eos lip balms. I find them very waxy and drying though I think the honeydew flavor smells and tastes delicious. They are $4.39 at this Duane Reade.

There were a ton of Revlon lip butters at this location which is great because this week Revlon lip products are $1 off at Duane Reade if you have a FlexRewards card. Unfortunately, I could not find the one color I wanted, Peach Parfait, and I talked myself out of getting Candy Apple (I have enough reds) or one of the pinks.  
Close up. The shelves were pretty well organized so I'm going to assume every lip butter corresponds to the label on the shelf.

Price: $8.49

More of the Revlon face products.

All the new Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quads. $7.99 here compared to $8.49 at CVS. (See first post in Drugstore Product Stalking)

I threw in this picture because I've seen displays for L'Oreal True Match foundation at CVS and Duane Reade and they a little pad attached to the display with manufacturer's coupons for $1.50 off L'Oreal True Match makeup good until 12/31/2012. Manufacturer's coupons are great to collect because they can be used in conjunction with any of the sales at any drugstore. I was thinking of picking up the concealer since L'Oreal True Match in n2 is my foundation of choice but the concealer in the tubes looked oddly dried out.

I threw this in because of the coupon for L'Oreal Studio Secrets products I told you about in last month's Allure. I'll try and remember to check the prices at other drugstores. I vaguely remember seeing this sold for a dollar or two less at another store.

The new Covergirl double ended blast flipsticks. You get two different lip products which Covergirl says you can also blend together to get a third color. I love my Covergirl glossbalms but these colors are a little too bold for me. I stay away from shimmer and orange.

I don't know if any of these products are new but they had their own display.

Just letting you know that they have the Essie Luxe Effects collection. I could not find this at a Duane Reade for the longest time and I'm committed to trying to only get Essie polishes at Duane Reade so I can continue to add to my Essie club count. If it's a new color, I'll wait until it ends up at Duane Reade. Even if it takes forever. I finally saw Bobbing for Baubles in another Duane Reade yesterday but I decided not to get it. My polish collection is growing at any alarming rate. Too bad I have no way of getting rid of the polishes I don't want to keep.

Some old fall colors.

I cannot remember where I heard about this brand. It might have been in a magazine or in some fashion news for an award show. Maybe the Grammy's? Anyway, they had a large range of colors at this Duane Reade. I'm not sure about LED gel nail polish. I'm happy with regular nail polish which usually doesn't chip on me unless I violently slam my nail in a car door or something. Also, this is kind of pricey for a drugstore nail polish and you are getting the tiniest amount of product.

New Sally Hansen Spring nail polish collection.

All of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows. $7.49 compared to $7.99 at CVS. There's a Maybelline deal where you get twice the FlexRewards poitns for buying any Maybelline NY product this week, but apparently people don't care about FlexRewards points and would rather get regular sale deals.

Not a lot of Dream Bouncy blushes here. Apparently someone likes them.

Let me know in the comments if you like the idea behind these posts or if you have any other concerns. Is there a particular product you want me to look out for? Do you want the pictures bigger or smaller?

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