Friday, February 17, 2012

Drugstore Product Stalking: Duane Reade 459 Broadway

Yes, I had a long day today. Here are some photos from the fourth drugstore I visited. I absolutely love this display. All the Infallible shadows are in stock, but more importantly, it looks adorable and very eye-catching. The shadows are $8.49 each.

There were soooo many L'Oreal nail polishes in 2 separate displays. This was part of the main shelves. There was also a display to the side which I'll show you later.

These were on the hopeless romantic shelf but I'm not sure how the colors or even the names correspond to the title. Now You Sea Me? Stroke of Midnight? Because You're Worth It? (By the way, I have reviews of 2 of these polishes on my blog. Just click the L'Oreal link in the labels along the side.) I think the green might be a dupe for Essie's Sew Psyched without the shimmer but I love Sew Psyched so I don't feel like I need a replacement. These polishes were $6.49.

These were also listed under Hopeless Romantic. Nothing too remarkable. Reds and vampy, dark colors.

The Iconic Muse Shelf.

The Femme Fatale shelf. Sorry it's a little blurry.

Oh, and I finally spotted the L'Oreal lip balms which are supposed to be L'Oreal's answer to Revlon's lip butters. $8.49 is a little expensive for a product that's been getting mixed reviews and I already have lots of lip products to try so I think I'll hold off for a while. Let me know in the comments if you're tried this product and love or hate it.

Here's the second display. These polishes don't have the best formula so I'm not sure why they're occupying so much space.

There are some different, brighter colors here.

I think a lot of these are the same colors.

I saw this ad a few weeks ago and grabbed the Magic Lumi primer after swatching it on my hand and being highly impressed with the results. I need a liquid highlighter for my dry skin and all the peach, pink, gold, shimmer options look weird and artificial applied to my skin. I'm still testing this out but so far I really like using this primer on top of my foundation as a highlighter. It gives the right amount of brightness without an artificial color or flashy shimmer. I don't get as much of an effect as I would like because I wear glasses but at the right angle or with contacts you definitely see the effect without being overwhelmed by it.

I first saw these on MusingsOfAMuse. I don't use Physicians Formula but in case you're interested, here are some new products. The pH lipgloss was also at the CVS in my first post.

All of these pictures of Revlon polishes silently express my frustration at being unable to located Whimsical. Grrr... These Revlon polishes are $5.49.

$7.99 3 mini polish set

This is the Bouncy Blush display on the shelf.

I have never tried any Prevail polishes but I was ready to get a nice basic black when I realized that it wasn't the polish set to a clearance sale price. I went with Milani instead.

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