Sunday, February 26, 2012

NYC Drugstore Sales (Week of 2/26/12-3/4/12)

There are a lot of great deals this week. Let's get started.

Duane Reade (Note: I did not include every makeup/skincare deal in the circular.)
  • $3 off All Revlon Face and Lip (This is why I love Duane Reade. These $ off deals are much better than the BOGO 1/2 off or ExtraBucks or Register Rewards at other stores in my opinion because they're not conditional. You can just get the one item you want and not have to worry about going back before a certain date to buy something else.)
  • $2 off all L'Oreal mascara
  • BOGO 1/2 off All Aveeno Facial Care and Lotion (I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about the Aveeno cleanser I picked up a while ago but Aveeno products are frequently lauded for their low cost and effect on sensitive and dry skin.)
  • BOGO 1/2 off all N.Y.C. (This is a great deal because N.Y.C. products are already ridiculously cheap and the Duane Reades I know of happen to be better stocked in N.Y.C. products than other stores.)
  • Get $7 Extrabucks when you spend $10 on Physicians Formula (Now, I know what I said about Extrabucks earlier, but this is a great deal if you like Physicians Formula. I do not. Regardless, $7 is actually a useful amount at the drugstore and you could definitely get something on your next visit without having to make up the difference between the cost of the product and the amount covered by your Extrabucks.)
  • Get $4 Extrabucks when you spend $10 on Revlon Face, Eye or Lip (Now, this is one of those annoying extrabucks deals. The way I see it, if you get a Revlon Face product, you will probably hit $10 on one product, but if you get an Eye or Lip product you're going to need at least 2 or 3 items depending on what you get. That means going over $10, probably spending more than you intended to, and only getting $4 to spend next time, meaning you will probably go over the $4 again to maybe get something you don't want. I'd only recommend taking advantage of this deal if you've been wanting particular Revlon products and think you'll be back to CVS soon to spend those Extrabucks.)
  • BOGO 1/2 off All Neutrogena Cosmetics
  • Aveeno Skin Care 2 for $13
  • BOGO 1/2 off Turbie Twist, Revlon, or Hollywood Fashion Accessories (I haven't seen any of these at my local CVS but if I did, I might take advantage of this deal. I can do a heck of a lot with safety pins but sometimes it's nice to actually have the right tools for the job.)
  • $3 off Revlon Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blush, Lip, and Premium Blush, Powder, and Foundation Brushes
  • 50% off Rimmel Cosmetics (excluding clearance) (Rimmel is already one of the cheaper drugstore brands so 50% is an amazing deal.)
  • BOGO 1/2 off L'Oreal Cosmetics, Skin Care, Sublime Skin or Bronze (And yes, this does include nail polish.)
  • BOGO FREE Pond's Cold Cream, Dry Skin Cream, and 15 or 30 Pack Towelettes (I used to use their cold cream once upon a time when I had to remove heavy theater makeup. I can't remember if I liked it but it definitely worked. The towelettes have a nice gentle texture and a pleasant scent but it's a little annoying that they dry out so quickly. I'm not sure if keeping them in a Ziploc bag would improve the situation.)
  • BOGO 1/2 off Covergirl Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blush, or Eye
  • 25% off Neutrogena Moisturizers or Acne Care
  • BOGO 1/2 off Aveeno Bath, Hair, Lotion, and Shave Gel
  • $1.99 for a pack of Q-tips (I threw this in because coincidentally, I've just run out after doing all these nail polish swatches!)

See any deals you want to take advantage of? I might get some Revlon lip butters if anything interesting like Creme Brulee or Creamsicle is in stock. I also might get a new L'Oreal mascara and maybe browse N.Y.C. and Rimmel because those are just such great deals.

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