Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update and REVIEW of Sinful Colors Nail Polish in 944 Innocent AND Marc Jacobs Daisy Inspired Nail Art

Before we get started, I just want to let you know what's going on with me. I currently have a bunch of Lush reviews I need to work on. I have a lot of products in my makeup kit that I'm still testing out but reviews are coming. I've been scoping out my local drugstores but I don't have anything really exciting to let you know about other than that the Essie Go Overboard collection and some of the Essie Navigate Her collection has made it to my local Duane Reade's. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about Revlon lip butters. I don't love them as much as everyone else. I think they have a kind of pathetic wear time and I'm pretty sure they dry out my lips. But I have a little collection right now and I'm still testing things out.

I was just not loving the way Essie's Go Overboard was looking really dingy and worn out on my nails, especially because I have a performance coming up so I wanted to do something bright and bold before heading into a neutral nail week (I've got an exam). Anyway, I let my dad choose and so I ended up with Sinful Colors Innocent on my nails. I didn't really love it at first. It seemed a little harsh but I'm glad I tried this color and this brand instead of say, the more expensive options from O.P.I. which look about the same to me. It's a very yellow-toned bright green, not quite an acid green or neon green but still pretty attention-grabbing. Application was a little annoying with this product. It reminded me a lot of the Julep nail polishes I tried a while back. The polish was thick and sticky/tacky. When you pulled the brush out of the nail polish it sometimes created "threads" of polish. I slapped on some pretty thick coats and the paint job is definitely not as nice as my usual work. My right hand (dominant...therefore nails painted with non-dominant hand) looks awful (in my opinion) up close. The good news is this polish is super opaque. It was almost completely opaque on the first coat and definitely opaque in two. And even with the problems, I feel like this is a great trial color if you're not sure if this would work for you.

UPDATE: I got my nails done today. A rare splurge for me but the mani/pedi deal is great and even though I inevitably find I could do a better job with the manicure, it saves me the hassle of removing old polish which is my least favorite part of the entire nail polish experience. Anyway, even though she had a much easier time removing the polish that I did with Sinful Colors Last Chance, it was clear that even this light color had stained my nails and it took a few attempts to fully remove all the color/staining. I'm not sure if this is a signature of the Sinful Colors brand. I used to use a shimmery/frosty white polish from them in the past and I never had problems with it but that was obviously white so it would be hard for it to stain nails. This might just be a quality of the cremes, or the darker/brighter colors, or all Sinful Colors polishes might stain your nails. I'm probably going to take a break from this brand after I use the bottle of Why Not I already purchased...or until I locate Cinderella which is just too gorgeous of a Disney inspired Cinderella blue shade to pass up.


indoor white light (I actually took this pictures in the library. The lighting is amazing, right? It's almost like natural light. I would have done natural light shots but it's been rainy and gloomy this week.

Indoor lighting, yellow.

The reason I kind of came around on this polish is actually the nail art I came up with on my thumb as an accent nail. I've been playing around with it and finally developed a look I really love. It reminds me of the packaging on Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume. I did three coats of Milani's black nail polish followed by 2 coats of Essie's As Gold as it Gets. I then did a row of three gold dots using L'Oreal's Because You're Worth It up the side of the nail. I traced the dots with Milani's Ms. Milani (this step is non-essential but was part of a look I was trying earlier). I then dotted a ring of white dots around the gold dots and on top of the silver outline creating a daisy. I then used a bit more of Milani's black nail polish along the tip of the nail. I finished with a nice thick coat of Seche Vite.

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